27 - 28 February, 2018 | Millennium and Copthorne Hotels, London, United Kingdom

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Join Europe’s leading insurance companies to learn how to:Drive implementation of machine learning across your business: Hear how LV are embedding ML into every functionRe-orientate your business around data: Find out how Simply Business are undergoing data-centric transfor ...

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GDPR compliance: A burden or opportunity for the insurance industry?

With around six months to prepare for GDPR, this article explores how insurers should now be looking not only at how to ensure compliance, but also leverage GDPR to advance their business and meet the rising demands of the consumer.

6 ways that data is transforming the insurance industry

In an increasingly competitive industry, insurance firms have to operate more efficiently, provide exceptional customer service and utilise the latest technologies. Leveraging data analytics offers insurers the ability to refine these processes and meet growing customer demands and regulatory req ...

A Game Changer for Insurance: Machine Learning

The insurance sector has traditionally been fairly risk averse when it comes to new technologies due to the nature of the industry. But in the race to cut through the noise, comprehend and utilise the data lakes produced by the ever advancing digital climate, many in the insurance industry are jo ...

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How Machine Learning is Revolutionising The Insurance Industry

In this ebook we interview a selection of industry experts familiar with the technology to gain insight into the lessons learnt from their experiences with machine learning.

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5 Ways Zenith Insurance Are Using Predictive Analytics to Leverage Big Data

Knowing exactly how predictive analytics can drive their business forward, Zenith Insurance have seen great results from optimising their broker insights. Now in a position to comment on the challenges smaller insurance companies may face when adopting a predictive analytics strategy, PEX Network speaks to Jason Cabral, Group Head of...

How Data can help your company become more customer-centric

Download Now - A PEX Network video showing a keynote presentation from Dr. Setrag Khoshafian Bruce Williams discussing how big data can be leveraged to optimize 'The Process of Absolutely Everything'. Also sees Jim Tankard, Pega giving a real life example of how data can be used to improve the...

8 things preventing Big Data implementations in Financial Services

Over 70 per cent of banking and financial markets firms say that information and analytics is creating a competitive advantage for their organizations. Are you falling behind in leveraging data to improve customer experience and revenue growth? Download now to understand why.

An AIG insight from it’s Head of Science, David Pardoe

We asked AIG, one of the largest Insurance companies in Europe: What is your most crucial data challenge to overcome in the next 12 – 18 months? Find out what AIG's response and how your company compares

Insurance through the Looking Glass: Customer-centric business in an increasing digital world - In association with VisionWare

This white paper explores how technological and market advances coupled with regulatory change has created a degree of urgency for Insurers to improve the customer experience. What can your business do to thrive in the digital age?

6 Crucial Challenges of Data and Analytics Professionals

Find out if your competitors are facing the same challenges as you? This infographic highlights 6 key challenges faced by Data, Analytics, Underwriting and Business Leaders in the Insurance Sector. Some, maybe all, may sound familiar. The infographic highlights such challenges as how to transform a conservative risk adverse culture...

Looking beyond the Tech to examine the science of data & analytics with David Pardoe, AIG

Find out how you can implement AIG's data strategy in your business and replicate their success. In this PEX Network interview AIG’s Head of Science, David Pardoe, discusses the key role that analytics, and the right analytical minds play in extracting maximum value from data-driven projects.

How capitalizing on your customer data can turn ‘big data’ into gold

Commentators and pundits have been billing big data as the ‘Next Big Thing for Insurance’ for a couple of years now, but just how can big data assist insurance firms and promote business growth? Well it isn’t enough just to hold terabytes of customer data, the key is in how...

3 ways big data will modernize the Insurance Industry

This PEX Network Article explores how big data will affect customer experience, fraudulent claims and profits in the insurance industry.STAT: Fraudulent claims cost the insurance industry £2.1 billion a year.Can you help insurers manage their data?

Nissan Europe Case study – How Nissan have utilized data analytics software to improve their accounts payable processes by 6 days

This Nissan Europe case study highlights how they have seamlessly optimized the scanning and classification of financial documents by applying data and analytics software to reduce their accounts payable process by 6 days – Datalytyx

FMO – Entrepreneurial Development Bank Case study - How to become more responsive and flexible to customers

This case study explores how process automation and workflow helped Dutch development bank to work more effectively and create engagement with their clients - Datalytyx

AAA uses virtualized data to implement new organizational structure and deliver flexible information architecture

The AAA recently reorganized their organization to create an insurance division. This case study explains how they created an abstraction layer that deployed quickly and continued to feed the operational applications while migration continued under the hood – Denodo

9 Ways To Use Data For Competitive Advantage In Insurance

Ahead of the 2017 Big Data Analytics for Insurance Conference, we speak to a selection of experts to uncover the 9 ways to use data to aid competitive advantage in the insurance industry.

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